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Traditional Maltese Balcony

  The Castille Hotel in the Heart of Valletta City

The Castille Hotel still preserves the elegance and beauty of an era long gone by.

It was originally built as the residence of the influential De Robertis family at the turn of the sixteenth century. Captain Giacomo De Robertis, a Bolognese then passed the building on to the Testaferrata family and later to the Marquis Cassar Desain.

The facilities that the hotel provides include a 24-hour reception, a delightful coffee shop which formerly housed the stables. There is a comfortable sitting room, television room, and also reading lounges on every floor.

The hotel hosts a charming restaurants, offering guests a wide selection of local and foreign cuisine.

Popularity with the hotel's international clientele is primarily due to the positive attitude of all staff members. The hotel boasts of a loyal and dedicated staff who are committed to providing all guests with a personal service to ensure their comfort and well-being during their stay.

The Castille Hotel commands panoramic views of the island's mainland and the majestic fortifications of the unique Grand Harbour.

The slideshow below shows different views from our hotel.