Savour Some Seafood At De Robertis

11th January, 2019

It’s no secret that the Maltese islands are home to some of the most unique marine life found in the Mediterranean sea; therefore, it’s unsurprising that seafood has found its way into our local cuisine. From soups and platters to scrumptious main courses, our talented kitchen team at our rooftop restaurant in Valletta has ensured that seafood lovers are well taken care of here at DeRobertis! Read on to find out more - warning, drooling may occur!

Dive Into a Delicious Platter

For a true taste of the Mediterranean blue, you simply have to try our Frutti di Mare starter. Loaded with vongole, mussels and fazolari, this briney bounty of seafood is seasoned with plenty of olive oil and fresh herbs.

Tantalise Your Tastebuds with Salmon Tortellini

Honestly, can anything really get any better than luscious, savoury black pasta stuffed with the irresistible flavour of salmon? Our giant tortellini never disappoint, making for the perfect comfort food during a chilly winter’s day. Tossed in cream and black caviar, they are delectable as they are decadent.

Prawn to be Wild

Our King Prawns - or, as they’re named on our menu, Éscrevisses Polynesienne - are one of the crowning jewels among our seafood selection. Swimming in a gorgeous ginger cream sauce, they come with a generous side of mango and bacon to complement the sweet, buttery taste of the shellfish.

And That’s Just Skimming the Surface!

There’s no other restaurant in Valletta that does fish or seafood quite like we do. Feel free to ask our staff for the Fish of the Day, which can be prepared and cooked to your liking. Alternatively, opt for our plate of Grilled Mixed Fish and delve into an assortment of tastes and textures on a single dish! Start your meal off with the traditional and beloved Maltese fish soup, Aljotta - fresh broth garnished with rice and fish chunks. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Valletta with a view to match impeccable food and service, there’s no beating DeRobertis!