Benefits ofEating Outside

23rd August, 2018

Everything just seems to taste better when the sun’s out and blue skies appear on the horizon - in fact, leading health experts claim that the act of eating outdoors is a key factor in staying healthy, by increasing our immunity levels and our well-being in general. As a popular restaurant in Valletta, our team at De Robertis share a few reasons why you should dine outdoors the next time you eat out.

1. It reduces stress

Spending time outdoors can improve your mood and lessen production of cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone”. A reduction in stress also leads to a boost in your immune system, thanks to an increased activity of cells. Other effects also include a lower heart rate and blood pressure, as well as less muscle tension.

2. A generous helping of Vitamin D

As many of us already know, a healthy exposure to sunlight means plenty of Vitamin D absorbed by our body. This leads to stronger, healthier bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis, muscle weakness and depression. A sufficient amount of Vitamin D also helps to regulate the neuromuscular system and the immune system.

3. It boosts concentration

Studies have shown that people with ADHD (in particular, children) actually focus better after spending some time outside. We tend to be more mindful when participating in activities outside, as we want to take in our surroundings and examine every detail, while breathing in the fresh air and sounds in the background. Consequently, we tend to eat at the same pace, chewing slower and thus, concentrating more on different flavours and textures in our food.

4. It gives you an excuse to leave your desk!

Having a stressful day at work? Take your lunch break outside, or perhaps set up a casual business meeting over an outdoor meal. Not only does this provide a welcome change of scene from the office, it also makes people feel more energised, relaxed and therefore, more productive.

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