Wine and Pizza are the specialities of La Cave
La Cave Wine Cellar and Pizzeria

  La Cave Wine Cellar and Pizzeria, in Valletta Malta

La Cave Wine Cellar and Pizzeria occupies the basement of the former palace of the influential Capitano Giacomo de Robertis, who was in the employ of the Knights of Malta. It later passed into the possession of some of the leading Maltese families including the Testaferrata and the de Sain families.

The cellars of La Cave formerly housed a bakery/kitchen complete with terracotta oven, a stable with ramp leading to the courtyard, a mill room cum wine cellar and storage areas. As with most of the buildings in Valletta, the stores used for the palace were dug out of the bottom of the basement thus creating wells. As a matter of fact a vast interconnecting well-water storage system lies beneath La Cave.

The conversion to the present outlet was kept to a bare minimum causing no modern day mutilation. The building retains all its originality including stone water pipes and air vents. Every effort has been made to ensure that La Cave retains all the characteristics of a XVI century palace cellar that makes it a historic, artistic, and architectural gem.

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday - Sunday
12:00 - 15:00 18:30 onwards
  On Saturdays last orders are taken at 24:00